• Get up and running quickly

    Roll out quickly and restore easily The fact that we store settings in the cloud means that video servers and other system hubs can be easily rolled out and restored as needed.
  • CCTV Cloud Services

    CCTVCloud lets you quickly equip any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a system that offers access from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small office or home, we have you covered.

Darwin based CCTVCloud provide an online service to manage you CCTV cameras and recordings without the need for onsite equipment other than the CCTV Security Cameras and an internet connection. Your cameras are connected to our offsite storage cloud. 

We use a Milestone Platform as the back end which is one of the world leading applications for CCTV Image Management.

Keep an eye on your home or business by accessing the surveillance data from a PC or Mobile device using the Milestone xProtect client, allowing full control of your devices.

It really is as simple as it sounds. 

Additional Services

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